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Star House Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing of flat pack containers, modified containers and also fabricated customized products since 2008. It is a professional OEM manufacture with innovative technical team and experienced production team. Our monthly capacity is 900 units flat pack containers and 450 units modified containers. We participated in research and developed several new prototypes to keep us standing at the forefront in the field. In addition, we have quick-acting and professional sales team to provide the before-sale and after-sale services.

What We Make

Product List

  • Flat Pack Container

    The flat pack container is a multi-function standard container, which dimensions conform to the ISO container transportation.It is a prefabricated building structure composed of roof, floor and pillars.This structure enables the containers to combine in longitudinal and transverse directions without limits,or be stacked in 2 floors or 3 floors in height.
    The walls of the container are made of light insulation panels ,and the position can be adjusted as needed.
    In the process of transportation,the flat pack containers can be packed in the form of 4 per bundle which height is 2591 mm(ISO dimensions).
    Flat Pack Container

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  • Modified Container

    The modified container is a custom product based on the ISO shipping container. Openings can be made on the containers to install doors and Windows according to the requirements.All the work can be completed in the factory including insulation and decoration,even installation for furnitures and sanitary fittings.
    After protecting the openings, the modified contianer can be transported as a ISO shipping container.It can be put into use after little work when arriving at the destination.
    The modified containers can used seperated as accommodation, office, or bathroom, and also can combine or stack them as needed.
    Flat Pack Container

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  • ISO Shipping Container

    Star House has a production line for ISO shipping container. Our main products include 20’GP, 20’HC, 40’GP, 40’HC ISO shipping containers. In additional, we can also customize special containers which maximum external dimensions is 4200mm (Width) x 18000mm (Length) x 2896mm (Height). We have 100-120 units max output per day, which can ensure the delivery in time for mass production. Flat Pack Container

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  • Smart Home

    Smart home is a new generation of building systems. It's alive, like a person, made up of bone, flesh, and spirit.
    The bone of the smart home is made from steel frames, which is as strong as a container but lighter and more material efficient. Besides , it is also more flexibly to combine .
    The flesh of the smart home is the decoration. You can customize whatever you like, both internal and external.
    The spirit of the smart home is smart home system. It endows the house with intelligence . The smart home system makes the house safer, more comfortable and convenient, and promotes the relationship between you and your house .
    Now, our smart home is no longer a house, but your friend.
    Flat Pack Container

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  • What We Make

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    We have the professional team to meet customers' various design requirements.


    24 hours a day to receive and reply customer's inquiries and feedback.


    A wide range of products including flat pack containers, modified containers, ISO shipping containers, light steel houses and other prefabricated products.


    We have a decade of experience in prefabricated houses and have produced more than 60,000 units.


    Production on schedule and delivery on time.


    Close to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Yangshan Port and Waigaoqiao Port, both by sea and by air are very convenient.

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